“Become an Eyelash Artist in 30 days” 

Get qualified in eyelashes online and start your own eyelash business.  This course is certifying  eyelash artists  while teaching how to stop lowering the prices and attract more clients by highest quality, safe eyelash extensions! Click here to start 

I know from my own experience, is not easy to post your work on Instagram, where everything and everyone is perfect, especially if you are a perfectionist!

This course is made for Eyelash Artists who wants to show their best to their clients, there are handy tips and tricks you will be able to use today! 

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Online modules + Case studies 

Certified and Accredited 


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This industry is huge and evolving! Once you are in you will discover endless opportunities. Each country hosts eyelash competitions, vip trainings, masterclasses, summits yearly!

This course is intended for complete beginners in eyelash extensions. Any previous beauty experience is beneficial but not essential. This course will introduce you to the world of lash extensions and will teach how to choose and apply healthy classic eyelash extensions. Prepare for a lot of information and concentration!
Do you require more information on this course? Contact info@eyelina.ie 

Cost: from 290 Eur to 990 Eur depending on package  


Previous Experience: Basic eyelash extensions course completed or experienced.

Location: EYELINA, 119 St Patrick’s St, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland
For course availability please contact 0877837633
Duration: 1 day course private course with Alina

Certified and Accredited  

This course is designed for eyelash artists who have completed basic lash course and would like to improve their skills in classic lash applications. Also for artists who had previous lash course but don’t feel confident to apply lashes yet. Different tips and tricks will be discussed. 
Most common mistakes will be revealed and discussed. Support and personal attention given to each student to polish their skills.

Cost: € 500

Previous experience: Basic Eyelash Extensions Course

Certified and Accredited

Location: Online learning in your own time

Educated clients always research and ask for more, better, fuller looking lashes. With volume lashes we are able create fuller, flawless, feathery looking sets even on clients with small amount of natural lashes! This course was designed for experienced lash technicians, who mastered their classic eyelash extensions applications.
This course is very intense and will not suit beginners. Students will learn in details how to create “fans” in different techniques, most popular all over the world. As part of the course students also will study classic vs volume, lash weight and “fan” weight, best bonding techniques, how to get good retention, refills of volume sets and removal.

Cost: € 320 

Location: ONLINE learning 

Certified and Accredited 

to apply: email info@eyelina.ie 

Nowadays clients prefer threading over waxing for many reasons: it is safer, no chemicals used, hypoallergenic, no need for a patch test, it is quicker and very precise, many say it is less painful as well. 
This course is intended for anyone who would like to learn the Art of Facial  threading. Threading is highly profitable treatment, which doesn’t require a lot of tools or electrical equipment, just your hands and antibacterial thread!

You will learn 3 threading techniques on this course: mouth, hand and neck. 

Cost: € 180

Previous experience: None Required.

Location: EYELINA, 119 St Patrick’s St, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland
For course availability please contact 0877837633
Duration: 1 day

No adhesives or extensions used, only natural lashes, which magically appear longer, thicker, curlier, darker after treatment!. Lash Lift is an alternative to extensions for those who can’t wear extensions. Lash lift is beloved by clients as it doesn’t require an aftercare as extensions do.. Lash lift is also a profitable treatment, which is very easy to learn.

Cost: € 500
Starter kit included (10 treatments)

Previous experience: not essential.

Location: Online learning in your own time. 

Certified and Accredited 

This course was designed for those who would like to meet high demand for beautiful arches. Course is spread over two days and very intense, with home practice, giving maximum knowledge to each student. This brow course will make you a professional Eyebrow Artist, revealing our unique brow shaping technique which never fails!
The course consists of blocks of theory followed by practice on the most important subjects: head/bones/muscles, measuring perfect arches, art of threading, Fitzpatrick’s colour theory, filling gaps and creating and image.

Cost: € 500

Why to choose Eyelina course?

  • Alina is an expert in eyelash and eyebrow industry, owner of successful salon ‘ Eyelina eyebrow and eyelash clinic’ with client base over 8000 people
  • Eyelina eyebrow and eyelash clinic is a winner in the best eyelash salon of the year award
  • Eyelina salon in Cork city centre has an average Eyelash extension price 100 eur
  • Alina is an active eyelash and eyebrow stylist and has bookings 2 month up in front.
  • Featured in Lash inc Magazine and Confetti wedding magazine as expert lash artist
  • Over 10 years experience in the eyelash and eyebrow industry.
  • Alina has completed over 40 beauty courses from worlds’ best coaches and that number is growing every year.
  • she has spent over 30000 eur spend on beauty education and still learning every year.
  • Awarded as Best beauty entrepreneur 2018
  • Awarded in expert/ trainer category in Irish eyelash competition
  • Over 300 successful students have completed Alinas beauty courses.

Didn’t need full course ? Missing some theory? Need to fine tune your technique? Need more information on products? Book 45 min online private  meeting with Alina. 
To book in advance please email : info@eyelina.ie.