Terms & Conditions:

Note: Patch test is required for any treatment up to 24h before appointment. If you are unable to make it for a patch test you will be asked to sign waiver.

Do not wear mascara for eyelash appointment:
Please make sure mascara is fully removed before coming to an eyelash extension appointment. It can take up to 20-30 minutes from your time with technician to fully clean the lashes if they are covered with mascara. It is necessary to remove it thoroughly before eyelash application to ensure good bonding. (We are sure you don’t want half of scheduled appointment time an eyelash technician will be spent on cleaning lashes instead of applying extensions).

Cancellations/rescheduling for any reason must be done strictly up to 48 hours before scheduled appointment with no exceptions. Cancellation must be done by one of following: text, email, talking to us directly on 087 783 7633. Cancellations in less than 48 hours before scheduled appointment will be charged cancellation fee/deposit loss. Any cancellations in less than 24h before scheduled appointment will be charged full amount. Any future bookings will require payment in advance.

Late Arrivals:
Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. We are running appointments back to back, allowing adequate time for each client. Being late for more than 10 minutes may result in your appointment being cancelled, as this will put our stylist under pressure and inconvenience for next clients. In case time schedule is allowing we will be happy to accommodate.

Under 16 in salon:
We wish to apologise for inconvenience, but due to health and safety requirements our insurance policy does not allow children under 16 years of age in salon.

No-showing for scheduled appointment:
No-shows will be charged full amount of scheduled appointment. Any no shows will be asked for full amount prepayment at the time of booking, for all future appointments.

Refills for eyelash extensions:
Eyelash enhancement refills are done up to 3 weeks. We can only refill eyelash extensions which were applied in our salon by our eyelash technicians. We don’t do refills from elsewhere with no exceptions. Any lashes from other salons will be fully removed and reapplied with new set for best results. (Removal charge of 15 eur applies). We also offer repairs of unprofessional lash applications. In this case usually full removal and reapplication is required.

Phones during treatment:
In order that you benefit fully from your relaxation time with us and as a courtesy to other clients we ask that mobile phones be switched off/put on silence during your visit to Eyelina in our Cork Salon.