Eyelash Artist in 30 days

This high profile Eyelash course will take you from a complete beginner to your first eyelash clients in 30 days.
Get your personal videos and  guidance from top class Eyelash Artist.  

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This VIP Eyelash Course includes Classic and Russian Volume courses.
This lash tech course is for you if:

You care about safety and quality

In this course and in your future plactice safety and hygiene has to be priority. You will learn about safe types of eyelashes and techniques to keep client’s eyelashes 100% safe. 

You want personal support

You will get personal support and homework validation by Alina. Detailed videos will be recorded for you to correct your tehniques and to make sure you don’t create bad habits. 

You are dreaming to become well known Eyelash Artist

You will learn about cheapest ways advertise on Instagram, Facebook and Google. There is a module on the Eyelash Photography with proven tips on how to make and edit photos on your phone camera. 

You want face-to-face workshop

This is your safety net, this will give you confidence boost to work on real models without fear. Once all your practical work on artificial eyelashes is completed, we will schedule face-to-face workshop on a model in Cork city. (If you are living far and can’t attend in person, we will do it over Zoom call.)
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It is so rewarding being an Eyelash Artist!

My name is Alina and I am addicted to eyelashes! 
Why eyelashes?
  •  Relaxation for me and my clients while procedure. I feel benefits for my mental health.
  •  Being an Eyelash Artist is very rewarding, positive client’s reactions and smiles mean everything to me!
  •  My heart beats faster when I know I can improve someone’s appearance in only few hours.
  •  Hard work pays off in money equivalent and means my work is highly appreciated! 

What is included in this course?


About Alina

Cork’s most prestigious Eyelash Artist

  • Alina is an expert in eyelash and eyebrow industry with over 13 years experience
  • Eyelina eyebrow and eyelash clinic’ has client base of over 9000 people 
  • Winner of The Best Eyelash Salon of the Year award  
  • Average Eyelash extension price is 100 eur 
  • Featured in Lash inc Magazine and Confetti wedding magazine as expert 
  • Spent over 30,000 Eur on beauty education
  • Awarded as Best Beauty entrepreneur 2018 (Ireland)
  • Awarded for Classic Eyelash extensions in Trainer category (Ireland)
  • Awarded for Russian Volume Eyelash extensions in Trainer category (Ireland)

You probably thought of following ways of learning, which DO NOT WORK and here is why:

  • X One day courses. It is physically impossible to learn such a practical and hands-on work in quick one day  face-to-face course. You need to practice daily with personal guidance, learn the correct ways from the very start of your career. 
  • X Google or YouTube videos. Unfortunately they won’t help you to learn full course, there are already 100s of self-taught inexpensive technicians, who damage client’s eyelashes because they are lacking education.
  • X Cheap courses that sell you certificate, not  knowledge. Did you think how much a successful Eyelash Artist and Trainer can make per day? About 350-450Eur, while working with eyelash clients. Why would they teach someone for cheap? Does this mean they don’t have eyelash clients?

Reviews from students

“I have really enjoyed this eyelash course and I am excited to finish and start applying extensions. I feel very prepared and Alina has been so amazing in the whole process with her positive feedback and encouragement through the whole journey.”


“I am really enjoying the course and lashing! It never feels boring I love learning and practicing for me I find it so relaxing, just me and the eyelashes.” 


“Thank you so much! I absolutely loved this course. You couldn’t have done it better! It’s definitely a 10/10 ! I loved how you answered all my questions. I have already recommended it since I’ve done it!”


“Amazing teacher with a great personality! Thank you very much for everything you taught me Alina!”


“I would like to thank you for passing me a lot of good knowledge. I feel a lot more confident now. I really enjoyed my time at your place…I look forward to starting doing volume lashes today:) I will be practising my application every day!”


“I wouldn’t change anything as it was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Genuinely cannot pick a fault. Everything I asked was answered and repeated.”


“It was so lovely to meet you, you’re a fantastic teacher. I honestly learned so much from you & the course. Thank you for your patience. I understood everything I just needed to physically get my hands trained. Thank you so much again & ill 100% be back in the future.”


“I will recommend it to everyone, I’ll tell them what a great experience and learning aid it was , you don’t just learn how to do the extensions you learn how important theory , hygiene and customer satisfaction is!”



I would say that if you want quality, safe and easily digestible training, then go to Eyelina😉


“Alina doesn’t take short cuts, she goes into extreme detail, is dedicated and straight to the point.”


“I have always had a passion for eyelashes. I found Alina to be the best eyelash technician and therefore wanted to learn from the best. The price was excellent value. It was all relevantly new to me. Great experience!”