Natural eyelash extensions are suitable for everyone! We carefully separate every natural lash and apply extension per one natural lash in safe manner to maintain healthy lashes.

We offer two types of eyelash extension:

  • Classic sets :

    • Midi set (semi-set , only 60-70 single lashes are applied per eye)
    • Full set (one artificial eyelash applied to every eyelash, 100-150 lashes per eye)

    We offer refills (2-3 weeks) on all our classic eyelash sets at a reduced price.

  • 2D/3D/6D Russian Volume extensions.

    Multiple lashes are applied per one natural eyelash to create soft fullness.
    We offer refills (3-4 weeks) on all our Russian Volume extensions at a reduced price.

*patch test required

LVL stands for Length, Volume and Lift, it makes your own natural eyelashes appear longer, thicker and darker. There are no glues or artificial lashes applied during this procedure. It normally lasts 6-8 weeks. Does not require much aftercare (only first 24h). This treatment is suitable for anyone looking to enhance their natural lashes without extensions. Mascara can be used 24h after application. Very effective treatment for straight natural lashes.
*patch test is required

It is an additional treatment to Eyelash Lift Treatment, conditioning treatment which strengthens and nourishes your own natural eyelashes by infusing them with proteins and vitamins to make your eyelashes fuller, longer and thicker.

This treatment consists of Eyelash Removal, Eyelash Botox and Eyelash Tint. SOS Treatment repairs and revives your own natural eyelashes.

If your own eyelashes are naturally fair, thick, long and curled, they may not require any other treatment but occasional eyelash tinting. The eyelash tinting is a great alternative to using mascara, and its effects last up to a few weeks (depending on your natural lashes growth cycle). Eyelash botox can be added to eyelash tint.
*patch test required


Quick and easy way to perfect your eyebrows. Perfect eyebrows designed, tinted and shaped by our threading experts.We have our own signature measuring method and regrowth programme.
*patch test required

Most natural semi-permanent eyebrow technique that will give your eyebrows a flawless look for up to 12 months. Semi-permanent make-up machine and special pigments are used during this treatment. Results of Soft Brow Shading can be compared to a permanent tint of skin, which doesn’t fade within 1 week! Your perfect brows’ shape and colour are designed and created especially for you by our highly skilled and experienced eyebrow technicians. Unlike the traditional eyebrow tattoo, the Soft Brow look is supernatural!
*This treatment requires few visits. On your first visit we will do a consultation and patch test. Second visit is an actual treatment 2-2,5 h. Third visit is a retouch and should be booked 4-6 weeks after actual treatment.